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20 Years Experience

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Brisbane Tattoo Modification & Removal

Many people have tattoo’s that they want removed for one reason or another. Here at Brisbane Tattoo Modification & Removal  we use the latest technology in state of the art lasers, we have the Q Switched Ruby Laser and the Q-Switched ND: Yag Laser.

These lasers contain the most effective wavelengths for complete tattoo removal available.



We are able to remove all colours in tattoo’s as we have the appropriate lasers to do so. Definately including the more difficult colours such as blue, green & yellow. If you have these colours in your tattoo make sure you ask this important question when researching where to go to get your tattoo removed.

The Lasers use heat and intense vibration to ‘shatter’ ink particles that are then broken down by the body’s internal defence system. In most cases a tattoo can be completely removed without scarring. It is important to follow the simple after care instructions our staff  will explain to you as your diligence will have a positive effect on your end result & your wallet.



The clinic is run by trained and licenced staff and is health department approved. Futher to this we are friendly and non-judgemental as we are all tattooed as well!

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