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20 Years Experience

Erase old mistakes

20 Years Experience


20 Years Experience



Tattoo Removal

In the case of tattoo removal, the ink fragments into smaller pieces and the bodys natural immune system can remove them.

The Q-Switch Ruby Laser  for removal of Tattoos or Pigmentation does not rely on simply heating the area.  Rather, the  extremely short Q-Switched pulse delivered through the special applicator for tattoo removal (million times shorter than the long pulse mode for hair removal) fragments the pigment (ink, birthmark or skin discolouration) particles, thus allowing the body to resorb the scattered particles, resulting in a fading of the lesion or tattoo. If you have blue or green ink in your tattoo and you want it gone you need this laser. The Ruby Laser is the only one who will successfully completely remove blue & green ink. Don’t waste your time or money with anything else.


The Q Plus series was designed specifically for us here at Brisbane Tattoo Modification & Removal.  It has the ability to remove all colours of the spectrum.

In 2009 we were asked to go to Italy to assist with the research and development by the manufacturer of our machine; they needed someone who had substantial tattoo removal knowledge. We were able to assist them in a number of areas and we were able to gain even more knowledge about our Laser Apparatus.    It is the most powerful Q-Switched laser system available on the market. It works at 532 and 1064 nm with a max energy of 1,6 J per pulse (@1064nm)

The Quanta System Q-Plus Star2 Nd:Yag is developed for the removal of tattoos.  The advantages of the Q-Switched  Nd:Yag laser is the very short pulse duration. At 6nsec, the pulse duration is less than the thermal relaxation time of the target. For tattoo inks, this relaxation time is a few hundred nsecs.  The short laser pulse combined with the much longer thermal relaxation time of the target insures that the target will increase rapidly in temperature producing a very fast volume expansion and will not be able to transfer heat at the surrounding tissue.


Koolio is an optimal cooling and pain relief device that generates cold air for skin cooling.   It is a very useful cooling system during the procedures which is accompanied a thermal heat such as laser treatments.  It is very effective for relieving pain & discomfort during the laser treatment and assists in the  initial healing process.


OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE & Latest technology equipment to remove ALL COLOURS…

The 1st Brisbane Tattoo Removal & Modification Clinic set up for Tattooed People by Tattooed People!

The clinic is run by trained and licenced staff and is health department approved. Futher to this we are friendly and non-judgemental as we are all tattooed as well !

Located within the Koolsville Studios Building